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What Size of Diamond Painting Should I Buy in 2021?

What Size of Diamond Painting Should I Buy In 2020?

Size of diamond painting: A lot of people have continually quizzed me regarding the size of diamond painting that is ideal for them. Okay, here in this blog, I am going to address that question based on my experience and extensive studies. The famous saying ” the bigger, the better” stays true. However, it will […..]

Step-By-Step Instructions To Diamond Painting For Beginners [2021]

Diamond Painting Instruction

What is Diamond Painting? Diamond painting is a wonderful combination of mosaics, paint-by-numbers, and cross-stitching. Diamond paintings use small “diamond”-like resin stones to create colorful and intricate designs and patterns. The finished designs offer a beautiful sparkle and create a stunning image. Applying the “diamonds” to the canvas is a very easy process that is […..]

Square Vs Round Drill? Basic Differences Between Square And Round Drill

Square Vs Round Drill for diamond painting

Square Vs Round Drill? If this is your first experience with diamond painting, then, you are in for great excitement. It allows you to display the artistic masterpiece within, and in the end, you’ll be marveled at the level of output. Besides, it would give you great pleasure as it is something you made by […..]