Step-By-Step Instructions To Diamond Painting For Beginners [2021]

Diamond Painting Instruction

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a wonderful combination of mosaics, paint-by-numbers, and cross-stitching. Diamond paintings use small “diamond”-like resin stones to create colorful and intricate designs and patterns.

The finished designs offer a beautiful sparkle and create a stunning image. Applying the “diamonds” to the canvas is a very easy process that is stress-relieving and relaxing. This craft will provide you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment as you create beautiful designs that can become new home decor or a great gift! Our diamond paintings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making this the perfect DIY project for all to enjoy.



9 easy steps to get your fascinating 5D Diamond Painting for beginners:


Step 1.

It is best advised to shop for one with a refreshing and exciting blend of colors. The project will take time though, so, make sure you select the best choice of the kit. Best advice: If you’re a starter, then, you can opt for the smaller kits. However, advanced painters can choose larger packages.

You can check out our collections for various types of 5D diamond painting kits. When you have a choice, proceed to several online stores to choose one that suits your taste.


Step 2.

A complete set of diamond kits should contain beads (this includes a colorful collection of diamonds), plastic tray, canvas, pen for drawings/paintings, and a glue.

These colorful beads (diamonds) when expertly arranged on the canvas exudes a shiny effect with a beautiful piece of art.

Diamond Painting Tools


Step 3.

On every canvas you see, some numbers are imprinted on the sides. These numbers relate with those that are initially printed on the chart (appears like a cross-board). Ensure the canvas is adequately equipped and has the right sizes that you want.

Furthermore, proceed to identify the materials in the diamond set using names, letters, figures, symbols, or colors depending on your choice.

diamond painting canvas


Step 4.

The next action is to split/open the fabric design. However, you need to be cautious here because it is usually covered with a film.

Do not obliterate the film because the sticky appearance of the fabric can destroy your work. So, you should remove the film gradually, starting from the tip, while you carry on with your work. And if there is a need to pause, cover the fabric back with the film to avoid the accumulation of dust or external substances.

Peel Off the diamond painting Film


Step 5.

Retract the plastic film from the glue and then proceed to add small glue at the pen’s tip.

Fill Up the Pen With Wax


Step 6.

The next step here is to insert the diamonds into the trays carefully. You’ll need to put-in much time here because the diamonds need to be laid on the plate by positioning the flat side downwards. Now, you have to place the top of the pen to match the round side of the diamonds.  It will ensure appropriate alignment and ease of arrangement.

Place the diamonds for Diamond Painting


Step 7.

Once you have entirely arranged the diamonds in a particular set using your choice of colors and designs, proceed to open the plastic film covering the other areas.

diamond painting for beginners guide


Step 8.

Repeat step 6 until you have achieved the desired design and covered the whole area.


Step 9.

Then, apply pressure on the canvas by either placing your hands on it or using a heavy book on it for some hours. Repeat the process until you are sure the beads are well aligned.


With this step-by-step guide, you have successfully created your masterpiece. Now, exhibit it for everyone to see the beauty of your works. You will observe the shiny and glowy effect of your paintings, which will be revealed by the 5D diamonds.

Diamond paintings are comfortable, and a means of getting great designs done with the works of your hands.

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