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FAQs About Diamond Painting

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is an easy, enjoyable, and relaxing activity for crafters of all skill levels, both young and old. Diamond painting is also referred to as paint by diamonds, paint with diamonds, and diamond dotz. Diamond painting is a wonderful combination of mosaics, paint-by-numbers, and cross-stitching. Diamond paintings use small “diamond”-like resin stones to create colorful and intricate designs and patterns. The finished designs offer a beautiful sparkle and create a stunning image. Applying the “diamonds” to the canvas is a very easy process that is stress-relieving and relaxing. This craft will provide you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment as you create beautiful designs that can become new home decor or a great gift! Our diamond paintings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making this the perfect DIY project for all to enjoy.

What makes Diabroidey's Diamond Painting Kits different?

We use only the highest quality materials for our diamond painting kits. From our high-quality, Eco-friendly resin diamonds to our linen canvases, you will see the difference. Your kit will come complete and we offer fast U.S. shipping! Lastly, if you have a question, comment, or concern we will get back to you. Our kits are not only super high quality, they come with excellent customer support.

What is the difference between Square Drill and Round Drill

Square rhinestones fit more snugly together on the canvas, however, it will take a bit more precision and time to get just right. Round rhinestones are more forgiving but will leave tiny gaps. These gaps won’t noticeable from a reasonable distance because they are so small and the canvas background normally compensates for space. We do recommend beginners give the Round diamonds a try first.

Round Vs Square Drill?

Full drill simply means that the entire canvas in the diamond painting kit will be covered in resin diamonds when completed. You will complete the entire image as shown. Partial drill means that only a portion of the image will be completed with resin diamonds to accent the image on the canvas.

How long does it take to complete a canvas?

This will depend on the size of the canvas you choose as well as the speed at which you can apply the diamonds to the painting. Generally, since Round-shaped diamonds are easier to paste, you will complete a Round Diamond Painting quicker compared to a Square one. A small 30x30cm (12″x12″) canvas may take up to 15 hours if it’s your first time.

What size diamond painting should I buy?

The bigger the painting the more details you’ll get (think of a pixelated low grade image vs. HD image). Small sizes are better for beginners looking to get their first experience in diamond painting.

diamond painting size
Can I order a Custom Diamond Painting?

Yes! We highly recommend you do so. They are our most popular order and are so much fun. Custom orders make great gifts too!

Custom diamond paintings can be found here: https://diabroidery.com/product-category/custom-diamond-painting/. Upload your picture and place your order.

We highly recommend getting the larger size diamond paintings just because the effects are so much better. Please send sharp, in focus, and good resolution picture. The more faces in the picture, the larger the order will have to be.

Does it come with a frame?

Frames are not included in any products unless it is otherwise stated on the product page.

What's Included in your package?

Your diamond art kit will normally consist of the following:

1. Tray – Your tray will serve as the holder for the color of the drills you are working with. Normally, you will work 1 color at a time and keep the active color in the tray. When you are done with your project, you will want to keep the tray for your next project as it makes the 5D kit much easier to do with multiple trays available.

2. Square Piece of wax – This is used by the pen to help pick up diamonds from the tray to help you apply them. You do not melt it or need much on the tip. The wax will come with a plastic cover that you will need to peel back so that you can dip the pen directly into the wax. The wax will allow you to pick up the diamonds much easier.

3. Pen or Stylus – The pen will have a metal end that you use to place the diamonds throughout the canvas. The basic pen that comes with the package will have a single head to apply one diamond at a time. Upgraded tool kits often include pens that will apply anywhere from 1 to 9 diamonds at once. There are a number of different pens available and you will probably want to upgrade to different ones once you start to really enjoy the craft to help prevent hand cramping. Remember, once you start to paint with diamonds, you will find yourself lost for hours.

4. Colored diamond art drill packets- These are coded with an internal code used with the guide to apply the diamonds throughout the canvas. The beads will also have a 3 or 4 digit DMC color code which is an industry-standard color code. The DMC code is used should you need to order additional diamonds for your project that have been lost or were shorted in your package.

5. Your diamond painting art canvas. The canvas is covered by a thin plastic sheet. DO NOT REMOVE THE ENTIRE SHEET AT ONCE. You will pull it back in small sections as you complete your painting.

How To Choose Between Round And Square Drill?

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What is Full drill and Partial drill?

Full drill simply means that the entire canvas in the diamond painting kit will be covered in resin diamonds when completed. You will complete the entire image as shown. Partial drill means that only a portion of the image will be completed with resin diamonds to accent the image on the canvas.

How To Complete Your Diamond Painting Kit?

Once you have your diamond painting kit, we recommend opening it like you see above to get an idea of what you are dealing with. Depending on the size and difficulting of the canvas, you may be dealing with 10 packs of diamond drills to 60 or more. So best to have an idea of what you are dealing with.

How do I display my finished diamond painting?

You can display your finished diamond painting canvas in lots of different ways. However, the simplest and the classiest way is to frame your diamond painting.

How Can I Place An Order?

You may order directly from any product page on our website by selecting the size/quantity desired and by clicking on the ADD TO CART button. After you have added your desired item(s) to your shopping cart you can check out on our safe and secure server. To checkout simply click on the button that says proceed to checkout at the bottom right of our cart page. From here you will be prompted to sign in to your account, or checkout as a guest or sign up for a new account

Do I Have To Register On Diabroidery Store?

No, you do not have to register to place an order, however, we encourage you to register. Registering will make the checkout process much faster for future purchases. Your billing and shipping information will be stored for you and shown each time you check out. With an account, you will also be able to view past purchases and create and maintain a wish list. If you do not wish to register simply choose the option to checkout as a guest when you are ready to place your order.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Online Order?

Our goal is to ship your order as quickly as possible, subject to availability, receipt of payment and credit authorization. If you have not received an email confirmation from Diabroidery within two hours of placing your order, please contact us. In order for us to provide the best customer service, please provide us your full name and zip code.

How Do I Track My Order?

While we take great pride in our ability to ship your orders quickly, we understand the importance of knowing when it will arrive. As you complete the order process, we attempt to give you an accurate estimate of when your order will be delivered. As soon as your order is shipped, we will send you an email confirmation containing a tracking number. With this number, you can find out the exact status of your shipment 24 hours a day. you can track your order status here: https://diabroidery.com/track-order/

Can I Add Something Or Change My Order After Placing It?

If your order hasn’t been picked & packed yet, we’ll be able to accommodate and make the desired changes.

How will I know if my order is confirmed?

After you have placed your order, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail from us to confirm that your orders have been received. However, do note that orders will only be shipped when your credit card payment has been approved and billing and delivery address is verified. Alternatively, you may check the status of your order in “My Account” if you are a registered user.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes between 9-25 days door to door (excluding processing time). For some products, it will only take 4-7 days to reach you, if we have stocks in our US warehouse. In extremely rare cases, shipping will exceed 30 days due to factors such as shipping congestion, customs delays, and high order volume.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We provide free shipping to over 200 countries around the world. However, there are some locations we are unable to ship to. If you happen to be located in one of those countries we will contact you.

How Does Free Shipping Work?

All orders above $75+ are eligible for free Priority Mail shipping. It will be automatically selected at checkout.

What‘s The Rate For Shipping Overseas?

Rates for shipping overseas do vary. Simply enter the necessary information and the shipping cost is automatically calculated during checkout.

Can I Change My Delivery Address?

If you just placed your order, please e-mail us at [email protected] as soon as you can with your order number and request the shipping address update. Once your order status has been processed, we have a tiny window in which we can make the change. Please keep in mind that once an order has been placed and is in process, we may not be able to update the delivery address.

I ordered multiple items and why did I only receive one?

We ship our kits from multiple printing facilities in different locations. As a result, kits within the same order may be shipped from different facilities and arrive at slightly different times. Some items in your order may arrive before others. When this happens, it is likely that the remaining items in your order are still in transit and will arrive very soon.

Why is my tracking stuck?

This is completely normal. When your order is in transit and moving between countries, tracking will be very slow to update (the package(s) are on shipping containers in the middle of the ocean).

Why did I receive multiple tracking numbers?

Because we ship from multiple locations, your order may arrive in multiple packages. Each package is assigned a different tracking ID.

What shipping provider do you use?

You can expect to receive your package(s) through your local carrier (USPS if you are located in the US) once it passes through customs. Times will vary depending on multiple factors, including seasonality, backlog, and the speed of your local carrier.

Where do you ship from?

We source from reliable vendors of the best quality from around the world and the shipping point of origin depends on where the item is being sourced from and the time of the year that your order is placed. Mostly in the USA, Europe, and East Asia.

How long does order processing take before an order ship?

Order processing time varies depending upon order volume and inventory. Order processing can take between 1-7 days. The average order processing time is 2-4 days.

Nothing is showing up when I put the tracking number in?

When we send you a tracking number your package is just beginning its journey from the warehouse to your home. The tracking number you receive is the tracking number on your package as it leaves the warehouse. It must be scanned in by the logistics carrier for you to see it in “the system”.If it isn’t showing up, please give it a couple of days.

Can I return my order?

We do accept returns in accordance with our return policy. In all cases, we will work with you to make things right. We want your diamond painting experience to be amazing. The best course of action is to contact us via email at [email protected] and let us know what the issue is so we can help.

Who pays the shipping return fees?

You must send back the unwanted product(s) at your own expense. We highly recommend shipping your piece(s) back via FedEx/UPS not USPS.

Who pays the shipping return fees?

You must send back the unwanted product(s) at your own expense. We highly recommend shipping your piece(s) back via FedEx/UPS not USPS.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, you must initiate your return no later than 30 days after receiving your order.

When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be issued back to your card the day we receive your return.

What if my package arrives and it's missing something?

We do the best to ensure this doesn’t happen but every once in awhile a diamond painting will slip through without the right number of gems.If this happens to you please let us know and we will send you new drills ASAP. To help us get your order right please send us a picture. Email us at [email protected]

Some diamonds are missing. What should I do?

No worries, we’re happy to send you replacement diamonds for free. Please contact us by email at [email protected] with your order number.

I’ve purchased the wrong size or color. What should I do?

We do not provide exchanges for size or color. We do, however, accept returns for products purchased from us. You can refer to our Returns & Exchanges policy here and its procedures.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover, Paypal. You must be at least 18 years old to order. We do not accept money orders, cash, or personal checks.

While placing an order I received a message stating there was an authorization failure. What does that mean?

If you have an authorization failure, please double-check the credit card number and the expiration date on your card. The most common problem is a keying error. Please be sure to select the card type and enter the number very carefully. You should not include any dashes, commas, or spaces. If you encounter an error page that asks you to re-enter the card information, make sure you re-select the credit card type and enter in all the card information.

Is my credit card information secure on your website?

All payments on our website are processed through a secure server. Your personal and payment details are kept safe.

Who is responsible for taxes and duties?

All applicable custom fees, taxes, and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Custom authorities require that we state the value of your order directly on your package. It is at the sole discretion of custom agents to release your package. Please note, custom agents may delay the delivery of some packages.

We are happy to help with any assistance you need. We can be reached by email at [email protected] We will respond to your email as quickly as possible.