The 4 Best Ways To Frame A Diamond Painting

Frame A Diamond Painting

Best Ways To Frame A Diamond Painting

Completing your diamond painting is something to boast about, and what better way to boast of your skill and creativity than to frame your beautiful diamond painting and hang it up in your home or office to be admired by all?

Even if you cannot make this amazing work of art a part of your home because you plan to gift or sell it, it is still wise to frame it. Framing your diamond painting helps keep it safe, protect it, and adds an edge of beauty to your already stunning painting.

If you are just about to start a painting project or wonder what to do with finished diamond painting, this article will show you the best ways to frame a diamond art painting.

how to prepare a diamond painting for framing


Sample your options

Deciding to frame your diamond painting is just one step towards having your amazing masterpiece on display. The next thing to do is decide what kind of framing you want for your diamond painting.

You can choose to frame diamond painting on canvas, get the traditional frame from an art store, use stretcher bars, or a dimensional style frame.


Frame Your Diamond Painting With Stretcher Bars

In case you are wondering what stretcher bars are, they are wooden frames used to Frame diamond painting on canvas and are perfect for paintings of all sizes and shapes.

As the name implies, stretcher bars require you to stretch your diamond painting on the wooden stretcher piece fully, hold it in place, and hang up easily. Stretchers mostly come in a rectangular shape, but you can also request for them in different shapes.

Frame Your Diamond Painting With Stretcher Bars 

Here is how to set it up:

You would need a pen or marker, the stretcher bars, your finished diamond painting, and a pair of scissors


  • Measure your painting and mark the wood

Measure your diamond painting and get stretcher bars that are a little smaller than your canvas.

Use your pen to mark the position of the wood on your diamond painting

Cut out excesses from your canvas using the pair of scissors

  • Fix the Stretcher Bars

Wrap your finished diamond painting canvas around the stretcher bars and hold it in place using U nails or a staple gum.

  • Hang it up

Attach a nail or whatever you need to attach the frame to the wall. You are free to hang it anywhere you choose


Frame your diamond painting with Standard Frame

One of the best ways to frame a diamond art painting is to use a traditional sized frame. You can buy a standard-sized frame from an art shop near you and get the one that suits the style and color of your diamond painting and your home or office where you plan to hang the finished painting.

One thing to note when buying a standard-sized frame is that you will likely have to trim your canvas to fit into the frame if your diamond painting does not fit into the regular frame.

Frame your diamond painting with Standard Frame


Here’s how to set it up

  • Select a frame that is slightly smaller than your diamond painting canvas

It is best to get a slightly smaller frame and trim a bit off your canvas to fit in than to get an oversized frame that won’t hold your canvas securely.

Remove the glass compartment from the frame as you won’t need it for this frame (you will find out why soon).

  • Trim and set your diamond painting properly

Your canvas will most likely be larger than the frame, which gives you two options. You can choose to fold the excess canvas at the back of the canvas so that you can’t see them from the front. You can also place your diamond painting on a cutting mat and use a safe knife (preferable X-ACTO) to trim off a few inches. Make sure your beautiful painting is facing downward. Another option is to use washi tapes to hold the edges like a form of decoration rather than trimming.

  • Insert your diamond painting in the frame

Take out the back of the frame, insert your diamond painting into the frame gently like you are placing a photo, and replace the back of the frame.

Your painting is ready to be hung.


Why should you take out the glass?

Placing the glass over your finished diamond painting might be the right thing to do to protect your painting, but it will hide the beauty of your beautiful piece and prevent the sparkle from showing and give it a dull look. We can’t have that happening, so you need to keep the glass aside.

Since we are leaving out the glass, you need to constantly maintain and clean your painting frequently to remove dust and dirt it will accumulate over time.

Handle the painting gently when cleaning using a damp cloth or a soft dry cloth. Avoid using steam or applying too much pressure.

With regular cleaning, your finished diamond painting will be your home’s attraction point as it glows and glitters from your wall.


Frame diamond painting on canvas

We haven’t run out of options yet as it concerns what to do with your finished diamond painting. You can also glue it to a premed art canvass and hang it up on your wall.

How to frame your diamond painting on canvas

  1. Get a plain canvas from a craft store near you. Get a staple gun and glue.
  2. Pick a canvas that is slightly smaller than your diamond painting (2 inches in length and width)
  3. Spread glue along the back of the canvas and leave out the sides. The glue should take a long time to dry. Place the blank canvas on the back of your diamond painting canvas and press it in.
  4. Make sure you place it in the middle so you can trim the edges all around, leaving just a little. Apply glue on the edges and press them to the canvas all around.
  5. Once the glue dries up, you can hang your canvas in your favorite spot.


Get a professional to frame your diamond painting

If you still aren’t sure what to do with finished diamond painting, but you want your beautiful creation to look its best, you can get a professional to frame it.

framing service for diamond painting

You can look around the arts and crafts store in your city for framing professionals, especially those who have experience framing diamond paintings.

A professional will use his/her experience framing different art pieces to create a framed diamond art painting that will amaze everyone who sees it.

Your beautiful diamond painting deserves professional framing to bring out the best of its beauty and splendor.


Final Thoughts

Whatever framing option or technique you use to frame your diamond painting is great and will ensure your art painting stands out wherever you place it, attract attention, and boast of your talent.

Your diamond painting deserves the best frame, and we have given you the best options. It might take time to frame your work, but when you finish, you will be grateful you invested time and creativity in framing the painting.


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