How to Seal Diamond Painting? Step-By-Step Guide [2021]

How to Seal Diamond Painting

Step By Step Guide on how to seal diamond painting

If you have just rounded off the creation of your diamond painting, it must be exciting to see your hard work and creativity come to fruition in a beautiful painting.

One thing you must do next is to make sure your beautiful painting will last the test of time without dislodging or damaging. The best way to preserve your diamond art is by sealing it.

Using the perfect sealant ensures that your diamond beads don’t fall off as time goes on. It also gives the painting a firm structure so you can hang it up in your home or gallery without worries.

We will be giving you a step by step guide in the next paragraphs how to seal diamond painting, identify the best sealants, and enjoy your painting for a long time.


What you need to seal a diamond painting

You will need several essential tools to seal your diamond painting, and that includes the sealant. These are what you need to purchase.


Types of diamond Painting Sealers

When it comes to choosing sealants, you have the option of using brush-on sealants or spray sealants.

Brush-on sealants

Brush-on sealants are the most popular option for diamond painting with many reasons for their popularity. Brush-on sealants are multi-solution sealants that serve as a product glue, seals, and ensures perfect finishing for your work of art.

Brush-on sealants have a firm hold on your painting because it fills the gaps between the diamonds and prevents them from falling off. Thus sealant is water-resistant and comes in variations of finishes.

One downside to consider when using a brush-on sealant is that it reduces the shine and glow of your painting. You also won’t be able to roll up your painting after using this sealant.


Spray sealants

Spray sealants measure up in the areas that the brush-on sealant lacks in the sense that it retains the shine of your diamonds after sealing them. However, spray sealants don’t fill the spaces between your diamonds so they can fall off even if they’re sealed.

Spray sealants are also waterproof. They dry up quickly, and you can roll up your painting if you use a spray sealant.

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Process of sealing a diamond painting

  • Preparation

After getting your equipment set, you need to remove any bubble between the diamonds using your rollers. Do this by pressing it gently on different sides of the painting. Your rollers also ensure that your diamonds lock properly into the canvas.

Use your cloth or toothbrush to go after wax, dust, and any particle stuck in between the cracks of your painting.

Lastly, use your tweezers to smoothen and clarify the setting.

  • Application

Get out your bristle brush or any comfortable brush of your choice and place it in your diamond sealant.

Begin by applying the sealant in broad strokes to cover every part of the painting.

Coat the painting thoroughly with more sealant paying close attention, so it makes its way to each diamond and holds them together and hardens them.

Soon after applying the sealant (before it dries up), get out your tweezers again and look out for hair, grit, or particles.

A brush-on sealant will initially leave the painting looking whitish, but it is no cause for alarm as the whitish color will slowly turn transparent as it dries.

If you are using a spray-on sealant, you don’t need to worry about a brush. Simply spray the sealant on your diamond painting, ensure it is evenly spread out, and cover every area.

Leave your diamond painting out to dry, away from anything that could mess up the glue or fall on your painting. After about an hour, you are good to go.

  • Other considerations

If you have never used a sealant and you are unsure how your diamond painting will look with different finishes, apply the glue on a small area and watch it dry. You can choose what changes to make.

If your diamond painting has a mix of regular beads or paints, ensure you apply glue only on the diamond beads.

Remember that your painting is your effort and creativity, so pay close attention when applying the sealant. You want it looking perfect, so be extremely careful when applying and handling your painting.


Final Thoughts 

Creating a beautiful diamond painting takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity. You must preserve your work of art for many years by using the perfect sealant.

Whatever sealant you choose to use, a careful and thorough application will protect your piece whether or not you are placing it in a glass casing.

Also bear in mind that most sealants need to be reapplied every few years. Find out how yours works and repeat the process as often as you should.

Diamond painting is an excellent skill and talent; protect and preserve it!


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