What Size of Diamond Painting Should I Buy in 2022?

What Size of Diamond Painting Should I Buy In 2020?

Size of diamond painting:

A lot of people have continually quizzed me regarding the size of diamond painting that is ideal for them. Okay, here in this blog, I am going to address that question based on my experience and extensive studies.

The famous saying ” the bigger, the better” stays true. However, it will vary based on your painting type, the purpose of painting, drill shape, and the quality of the end picture.



What makes a bigger diamond preferable?

If you’re quite familiar with computers, you will realize that a diamond is similar to a computer pixel. So, just like these systems, the higher the pixel, the better the quality.

For example, a 20cm by 20cm complete diamond painting will require 6,400 diamonds. So, to get the same quality as that of the 20cm by 20cm for a 40cm by 40cm, you will need 25,000 diamonds.

Okay, let’s proceed further.


Will the image be appropriate for the final size?

This is another great question that you need to put into consideration. Generally speaking, smaller canvases, are likely to produce a less detailed image at the end. So, if the model you plan to make is a bigger one, then, ensure you shop for kits that will be suitable for that category.

However, smaller canvases are more suitable for learners or kids. Why? Because it can be completed within a short time, and beginners are likely to find the larger sizes inundating. So, if you’re a beginner, then, relax; start with a smaller size and enjoy yourself.

However, if the purpose is for something beyond Practising, then, do not be tempted to choose small sizes due to their low prices. Of course, you wouldn’t want to finish a painting that will not reveal the beauty of your work. So, you should choose a bigger one, and invest your time correctly.


Do I need to get a prototype of the finished image for that size?

Most times avoid purchasing diamond painting kits that have only the pictorial representation of what the work is all about. Preferably, choose kits that provide either the graphic outlook of the final image on such size or the coded canvas that will be used in finishing the painting.

If you do not find either of those two on a kit, then, there are chances you can invest a lot of time making your paintings, and in the end, you see a result you were never expecting. Besides, you also need to consider if it is a full or partial diamond image.


I want to make a Cross Stitch Pattern; What Size Should I go for?

You know when working with a cross stitch pattern, you do not have to buy a kit necessarily. So, it becomes a task for you to be able to determine the size of the canvas that will be required to complete a particular image.

Fortunately, it is a straightforward calculation.

First, determine the number of stitches that occurs on the vertical and horizontal section of the cross-stitch. Very often, you will discover that the number inscribed on the sides of the patterns, but if it is not written there, then, do that manually.

For example; let’s say we are working with a 230 cm by 300 cm cross pattern.

Now to determine the bead size isn’t a difficult task because most beads are about 0.25 by 0.25 in size.

Now multiply this by the size of the horizontal and vertical stitch. That will be:

300 * 0.25 = 75

230 * 0.25 = 57.5

So, once you get the figure, include an additional 3 cm that will cover-up for framing.

Therefore, from this example, our expected canvas size for the cross stitch should be 75 cm * 57.5 cm.  Now you see, it is very easy to figure out.

In conclusion, Diamond paintings are super exciting activities. Calculating the canvas size is easy as I have mentioned above.

However, it is much preferable to start work with a kit at the initial phase. It will provide you with the necessary equipment that you require for a good start.


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